Among others, the following are the main activities undertaken by the Wakf Baord, Manipur.

  • Registration of the Wakf Properties.
  • Development of Registered Wakfs.
  • Educational Activities.
  • Technical Diploma Courses including ITI coursed and Islamic Education in Madrassa.
  • Promotion of reading room/library facilities.
  • Promotion of Vocational Trade coursed.
  • Publication of Books.
  • Promotion of Social Welfare Activities.
  • Other activities suitable

Registration of Wakfs:
So far, 808 Wakf properties like Mosques, Kabarstans, Idgahs and Madrassas have been registered with this Board as on 26/6/2012 as indicated below:

Imphal East111195572133228
Imphal West37193921Nil11109
Grand Total371842252510291808

Out of its meager fund the Board extends financial assistances to registered Wakfs for repair/renovation and other developmental programme/activities. Besides, other programmes relating to Wakf Welfare activities are also taken up through local organization/registered Wakfs. The following statement shows details of year-wise grants to registered Wakfs/Organisations.

YearNo. of Wakf PropertiesCategoryGrant Extended
1999-20001 Muslim Orgn.Orgns.2000
2003-2004850 Flood affected Masjids158000

(a) Scholarship (Central Wakf Council Scholarship Scheme)
This Board has been continuously implementing the scheme for award of scholarship to students reading in Class IX to XII, Technical Diploma Courses including ITI Courses and Islamic Education In Madrassas from the year, 1993-94 as given below:

FromToNo. of AwardeesTotal Amount spent
1996199762Rs. 31000.00
1997199857Rs. 39900.00
1998199960Rs. 60000.00
1999200060Rs. 60000.00
2000200173Rs. 58400.00
20012002103Rs. 61000.00
2002200363Rs. 63000.00

(b)Promotion of Library/Reading Room facilities:

The Scheme on promotion of Library and reading room facilities is implemented by the Central Wakf Council, New Delhi by extending one time financial assistance to Wakfs, Local Clubs/Orgns. and Madrassas etc. through State Wakf Board. Under this scheme, on the recommendation of this Board, the Central Wakf Council had contributed a sum of Rs. 16,000.00 as grant to 8 (eight) Orgns./Clubs in the year 1993-94 and Rs. 1,65,840.00 to 94 Clubs in the year 1994-95. Besides, this Board extended grant to 6 Orgns. for library facilities which cost a sum of Rs. 27,000.00 out of its resources in the year 1997-98.

(c)Promotion of Vocational Trade Course:

There ia another scheme on promotion of Vocational Education implemented by the Central Wakf Council, New Delhi by giving financial assistance to NGOs, voluntary organization on the recommendation of proposed by this Board were given financial assistance for Vocational Traning Course by the Central Wakf Council, New Delhi in the year 1994-95. In the year 1999-2000 5 (five) organization proposed by this Baord were Vocational Training in different trades. 4 Girls Madrassa, 3 Swing machines and 1 Embroidery machines each.

(d)Publication of Books:

The Board extended financial assistance of a sum of Rs. 5,000 to Janab Alhaj Moulana Ziauddin, Pesh Imam, Sadar Bazar, Jame Masjid, Imphal for publication of a religious book under the title of “Islamgi Shiksha” (teaching of Islam) in the year 2001-2002 and Rs. 42,000/- for the year 2004-05 to Muslim writers.

Financial Assistance:
(i)There are many more important programmes beneficial to public which can be taken up by the board. But such programmes could not be taken up intensively due to shortage of funds. However, in the 1996-07, 100 poor widows wre given financial assistance @ Rs. 500.00 each and 600 poor widows distributed @ Rs. 1000/- each.

(ii)16 Computer Machines to 16 leading Madrassas for the year 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08.

To make known the activities, duties and responsibilities and performances of the Board as well as Wakfs, this Board organizes Wakf Awareness Programmes from time to time at different places by extending financial assistance to Wakf or local clubs etc. as organizational expenses. This Board has organized 7 (seven) Wakf Awareness Programmes in collaboration with local Wakf and organizations during the period from the year 2000 to 2003.

(1)There is a scheme called “Development of Urban/Rural Wakfs” implemented by the Central Wakf Council, New Delhi under which loan is given to registered wakfs for taking up income generating projects. On the recommendation of this Board, the Central Wakf Council had sanctioned a loan f Rs. 31,30,000 in favour of the Sadar Bazar Jame Masjid, Imphal for construction of Shopping Complesx-cum-Guest House under this scheme. Another similar proposal in respect of the Haji Samsuddin Nursing Home Cum-Research Centre, Nungei, Lilong for a loan of Rs. 20 lakhs to construct Nursing Home has also sanction by the Central Wakf Council, New Delhi.
(2)A Girls Hostel construction is going on at the Wakf patta land at Hatta, Imphal.

There was judgment/orders passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on 13.05.1993 on writ petition No. © 715 filed by All India Organisation of Imams of Mosques, directing to implement the scheme approved by the govt. of India on payment of salaries to Imams of Mosques. The Board has not yet implemented the scheme due to non-availability of fund. Implementation of the scheme will involve a huge expenditure of Rs. 40.00 lakhs approximately per year.

Survey of Wakf properties under the provision of Wakf Act, 1954 was carried out by the Survey Commissioner appointed by the State Govt. on the basis of the survey report approved by the Govt. particulars of 166 Wakfs of different categories were notified by this Board in the Manipur State Extra-Ordinary Gazette No. 453 of 18.02.1994. Survey of Wakfs under the provision of the Wakf Act, 1995 have been appointed one survey Commissioner, one Addl. Survey Commissioner and all concerned SDOs vide Govt. order No. 21/7/2002-MOBC(Wakf) dated 14.07.2003.

The Board has the following plans to be implemented.

    • Setting up a medical centre to provide better medical facility to the people.
    • Construction of shopping complex in its patta land to uplift the economic status of the community specially educated unemployed youths of the area.
    • To open a multipurpose Vocational Training Centre in its patta land.
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