This board has been continuously implementing the scheme for one time financial assistance to poor and needy widows and destitute women in the Manipur.  But such programmes could not be taken up intensively due to shortage of funds.  But since  1996-97, financial assistance  has been giving to selective widows/ destitute woman till date. The following statement shows details of  meager financial assistance  to poor & needy woman as follows:

Sl No.Year WiseNo. of WidowsAmount in Rs.


The Board crates its fund with the meager contribution from registered Wakfs under Section 72 of the act, the State grant and the small quantum of grant released by the Central Wakf Council, New Delhi on 50% matching share basis for scholarships to students.

As laid down in the Wakf Act now in force all registered Wakfs have to pay 7% of its net annual income to the Board as contribution which will form part of the revenue of the Board.

Muslim of this State inhabit in 4 (four) valley Districts viz. the Imphal East District, the Imphal West District, the Thoubal District and the Bishnupur District and most of the Wakf properties are situated in rural areas othese districts and they are managed by local managing committees with funds derived from local Jamaat members in terms of subscription/donation in cash or in kind and they do not have sufficient income even to pay the statutory contribution to the Wakf Board.

Hence, the annual revenue of the Board is very poor from this side.Though the Board was established in the year 1987, the State Govt. started to give annual grant-in-aid from the year 1991-92.

The following are the details of grant-in-aid received from the State Govt. from the year 1991-92 to 2009-2010.

During the yearAmountDuring the yearAmountDuring the yearAmount
1991- 1992Rs. 500002002-2003Rs. 2000001992-1993Rs. 10000
1992- 1993Rs. 500002003-2004Rs. 6000001993-1994Rs. 5000
1993-1994Rs. 500002004-2005Rs. 10000001994-1995Rs. 15000
1995-1996Rs. 500002005-2006Rs. 1200001995-1996Rs. NIL
1995- 1996Rs. 1200002006-2007Rs. 12000001996-1997Rs. 10000
1996-1997Rs. 3000002007-2008Rs. 16500001997-1998Rs. 20000
1997-1998Rs. 3000002008-2009Rs. 25000001998-1999Rs. 30000
1998-1999Rs. 3000002009-2010Rs. 3000001999-2000Rs. 30000
1999-2000Rs. 30000002010-2011Rs. 33000002000-2001Rs. NIL
2000 -2001Rs. NIL2011-2012Rs. 30000002001-2002Rs. 30000
2001-2002Rs. 300000--------------------2002-2003Rs. 30000
2002 -2003Rs. 300000--------------------2003-2004Rs. 50000
2003-2004Rs. 300000--------------------2004-2005Rs. 50000
2004-2005Rs. 300000--------------------2005-2006Rs. 50000
2005 -2006Rs. 300000--------------------2006-2007Rs. 50000
2007 -2008Rs. 300000--------------------2007-2008Rs. 50000
2008 -2009Rs. 300000--------------------2008-2009Rs. 50000
2009- 2010Rs. 300000--------------------2009-2010Rs. 50000

The Board also receives grant from the Central Wakf Council, New Delhi on 50% matching share basis for award of Scholarship to students reading in Classes IX to XII. Technical Diploma Course including ITI and Islamic Education in Madrassas. The above details given under the column CWC are the year wise figure of grants received from the Central Wakf Council, New Delhi.

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