2100 is a robust ATS system operating on Linux Red Hat Enterprise 5, comprising of dually redundant servers connected by a 3 LAN configuration. It integrates Surveillance data from multi radar inputs, ADS input, AFTN data from AMSS ECIL servers or data generated within the system via manual input at controller work position or stored RPL data. Two LANs provide redundancy whereas the third LAN acts as a bypass to provide raw radar data feed to the control work position in case of failure of surveillance data processor.

19.1.1   AIRCON 2100 comprises of Radar Data Compression Unit (RDCU), Flight Data Processor (FDP), Situation Data Processor (SDP), Safety Net (SNET), Data Recording Facility and Voice Recorder. Each of these has dual redundancy. The system has single RDCU Transmission unit. A Common Timing Facility (CTF) receives the GPS time, feeds to all the subsystems and synchronizes all clocks.

19.1.2   The system supports two controller work positions (CWP) for ACC and two CWP for APP positions, one CWP for TRG position, two CWP for TWR position and one for ARO. Each CWP comprises of a Situation Data Display (SDD) and Flight Data Display (FDD) except TRG position which supports only SDD. The system also supports two Control and Monitoring Display (CMD) positions. Each CMD Display is supported by a SDD and FDD. The SDD at CMD positions cannot be used for assuming control of traffic.

19.1.3   The details of various operations of system are detailed in the operational manuals provided by INDRA.

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